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FullStack Developer / PHP / NodeJS / React / Flutter

In the world of Flutter, when we want to draw something on the screen of our beloved application we use something called Widget and his descendant StatefulWidget and StatelessWidget. And to animate what’s drawn we almost always use a StatefulWidget that allows to manipulate the state of our Widget and update (rebuild) the what the user should see. But using a stateful widget sometimes comes a cost of performance and fluidity on the user experience and therefore using a StatelessWidget and can become a better approach and animate it or make it reactive could be somehow troublesomes.

Here i’ll show…

First thing first, if you used to use low functions of Unix/Linux OS in your daily work/practice then this won’t fit to you, but if you are like me a web/mobile developer that used to use them just to run your server using tools like Apache, Node.js etc and IDE like Android Studio or VS Code then this will totally fit to you.

Now if you are still here then let me explain my statement.

Let’s start from the beginning. Between web and mobile development, the first coming is web development that was mostly done using a Unix like OS…

Hello, today I will present you a tip not very well known on the web but that can really help you when designing your real time application with Native React and

For those who do not know these different technologies, I am afraid that you are quite disturbed or you would not understand some notions that will be addressed so I invite you to Google them to better inform you.

So, you might or may not have found yourself in this stressful or embarrassing situation where your application creates a new socket connection session every time a component is…

Bonjour à tous. Dans cette article nous allons voir comment utiliser dans React/React Native. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore ces deux librairies, je ferai une petite présentation dans la première partie mais je vous conseillerai de googler d’abord ces deux termes histoire d’en savoir davantage sinon vous risquez d’être assez perdu par la suite.

Cette article sera constitué d’exemples de codes pour mieux comprendre et aura ces différentes parties:

  1. Présentation
  2. Pré requis et installations
  3. Intégration

1. Présentation

Les deux technologies phares de cette article sont et React Native, tous deux étant écrit avec le langage de programmation JavaScript.

Generators are JavaScript principes present in EcmaScript6. It is the best way to take control of your code in a world of asynchronicity and much more.

To use it just put a star “*” between the reserved word function and the function’s name. It could be something like

function* helloWorld

// or

function * helloWorld


function *helloWorld

Unfortunately it doesn’t work with arrow function or anonymous function so if you try you’ll receive an ugly error.

Use Case

For more explanation to how you can use it and his strength.

Let’s suppose you have a loop, in a world of asymchronicty…

Here we go…

Surely you discovered this library “ReactNative” which promise you a moon when you want to build an mobile application for both Android and iOS and more… (Windows, MacOs etc…).

Surely you discovered that it makes the job for some cases… E-Commerce App, Portofolio, Booking App and generally application providing some services (Ride Sharing etc…).

Surely you were surprised that it could also make an social network app or you had read that it could.

With some regret i discovered that this marvelous library has a limitation. A limitations when you want to manipulate image, video or some…

ReactJs, the new eldorado of the JS programmation. We see and use it now everywhere. In mobile with React-Native, in web with React-Dom, in Computer with React-Native-Windows, React-Native-MacOS or Reactxp and when some recommend React they recommend in same time Redux for the State management of your App. But using Redux means using others libraries like react-redux, redux-saga or redux-thunk that could increase the size of your App even though you are not really using it or you don’t really need it.

In another side there’s a simple, cool, fluid API offers with ReactJs. So no need of more dependencies…

Maxime F.

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